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Parteon's quest for the ideal solution

With the arrival of the 1.5 meter society, Parteon felt the need to map office occupancy and to make employees responsible for this themselves.

About Parteon

With more than 18,000 homes, Parteon is the largest housing corporation in the Zaan region, which does everything it can to allow people to live comfortably. But that does require good organization, especially with the arrival of the 1.5-meter society. This created the need for a tool to get a grip on the occupancy rate and to make employees responsible for this themselves.

BookMyDesk as the best option

Michelle Broerse: “We heard about BookMyDesk for the first time in a news item on BNR. We then looked at and compared two other providers. It had to be easy to register attendance, implementation had to be done in a short period and the app had to provide overview and insight. BookMyDesk came out on top here. An extra advantage is that employees can be informed quickly and easily in the event of an infection. ”

“We are prepared for anything when new measures are introduced and we have all the necessary information available”

Michelle Broerse

Easy and quick to implement

All 215 employees of Parteon now work with BookMyDesk. These are both permanent employees and hired workers.

Michelle Broerse: “We have rolled out the app throughout the organization and paid attention to it in meetings, newsletters, and on the intranet. Of course, using the app continues to depend on the attitude and behavior of employees. It is not the case that their key or computer does not work if they have not reserved a place. ”

Prepared for new measures

The experiences are very good and Parteon receives a lot of positive feedback internally.

Michelle Broerse: “The ease of use is highly appreciated. The setting up of the platform also went smoothly and easily. We are prepared for anything when new measures are introduced, and we have all the necessary information available. For example when the number of workplaces has to be reduced. It is great that booking is so simple and that who is at the office and when is so easy to see. ”

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