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June 19, 2023, about three years ago, BookMyDesk was born during the COVID-19 pandemic. BookMyDesk provided a solution to the sudden problem faced by companies, as they were only allowed to utilize 50% of their office workstations. With the help of BookMyDesk, it became possible to easily reserve a workspace and have visibility on who is present in the office and where they are located. Over the following years, BookMyDesk evolved into a comprehensive solution for hybrid work.

After three years, we also realized that a product is never truly complete and that customers always have additional needs. This often presented a dilemma for our small team, as we were unable to fulfill the extensive list of customer requirements. That's why we began searching for a partner who could assist us, and we are extremely proud to announce that we have found one.

Starting today, we are joining forces through a partnership with the Swiss company Deskbird. Similar to BookMyDesk, Deskbird offers a highly intuitive solution that caters not only to hybrid workspace coordination but also to resource reservation and workspace analysis. Want to know more about Deskbird? Check out the website.

We firmly believe that entering into this partnership will enable us to better serve our customers in the future, providing them with enhanced functionality and comprehensive support.

Team BookMyDesk