Easily reserve workplaces and always keep a grip on office occupancy

With BookMyDesk you can have your employees easily reserve workplaces and meeting rooms. So: no fuss for your employees, and you keep a tight grip on your occupancy and utilization rate.

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Streamlining workplace management

BookMyDesk makes it easier to find the ideal balance between working from home and working at the office. But makes it simple and without any hassle. Make specific spots available based on facilities, or per user group, and always have an overview of reimbursements for working from home and/or commuting.

Fast and simple

Your place is booked in no time.

Extra service for visitors

Parking space? Conference room? All settled!

Easy to set up

Get it to work? Piece of cake!

Real-time statistics

Always insight into the occupancy rate.

Say it with stickers

Visible availability.

Privacy guaranteed

You decide what you want to share.

Travel allowance

See when you worked in the office!

  • Succes stories

    How does Unicef manage its flexible offices?

    UNICEF needs a flexible office because a combination of office work and home working is the future of hybrid work.

    Discover our Unicef story

    “Because we needed it quickly, it had to work efficiently, and it should be able to be rapidly implemented; all this was possible with BookMyDesk”

    Johan van Strien, Manager Tech & Data UNICEF

  • Succes stories

    How Parteon successfully uses BookMyDesk with more than 200 employees

    At Parteon, the need arose to map office occupancy and to make employees responsible for this themselves. Parteon chose BookMyDesk and uses the app with over 230 employees.

    Discover the success

    “We are prepared for anything when new measures are introduced and we have all the necessary information available”

    Michelle Broerse, Senior HR advisor Parteon

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Piece of cake

Let's get to it

Setting up BookMyDesk

Which desks can you work at? Which meeting rooms are in use, how many people are allowed in the office at any given time? What are logical walking routes? In the admin portal, you set up the most ideal layout for your office.

Quick to get started

Create an account. Upload the office floor plan and occupy it with work and meeting places.
Use timeslots to indicate when which places can be reserved. And have your users start using it!

Meetings without being disturbed

The tablet application gives you insight into every meeting room.
See immediately when the room is available and schedule a meeting on the spot.

Integration with meeting rooms via Microsoft

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Privacy guaranteed

BookMyDesk takes into account all applicable privacy and GDPR requirements. The user is always in control of his data. Data retention is handled carefully.

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Who, what, where?

You can immediately see which places have been reserved and when they will become available again.
And you have a helpful overview of whether your colleagues are present and where they are!

Blog: Ready for the return to the office? Start preparing now!

It is really coming now: the office doors will almost be opened again! Why do you want to be well prepared for this? We give you three reasons!

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Client experiences

Our customers are happy with us.

“Setting up the app is super easy. Very convenient that via the app we can see where a colleague is in the building!”

Monique de Leeuw

“BookMyDesk is easy to use and spurs us to adapt to the set structures.”

Marieke Winter
Vervoerregio Amsterdam

"BookMyDesk has helped us take the first step back to working at the office."

Mirjam de Jong
Vervoerregio Amsterdam

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Frequently asked questions

  • BookMyDesk is operational within an hour and works completely independently. No complex configurations or installation of sensors needed.